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December 2017


One thing makes a vacation in my mind… Mimosas and carbs and trust me this vacation was no different!  I am still daydreaming about walking through West Village and eating pizza in Time Square.  I am already planning my return, and if I had the opportunity, I truly believe I would pack up my bags and move my ass to New York.  Although sometimes being a tourist can be just the thing you need to get in as much as possible until you are back next time to pick back up where you left off.  This will be the first part which will focus on where we stayed and the restaurants we visited.

Thursday, Nov 30th 

I met Sam down at her apartment, ready to take on the city that never sleeps.  We got into our uber and headed to Bily Bishop airport to start our girls trip.  The wine was involved, come on, would you expect anything less?  Our flight was fast, and before we knew it, we were in the city!  Now the scariest part wasn’t the flight or heading into Trump territory but was the fact that we hadn’t booked our hotels yet… Yes, some would think we are insane, but we had a plan.  We decided to use the app Hotel Tonight and test our luck at last minute bookings.  I was pleasantly surprised when we booked as we got two nights for $409.00 Canadian.  An absolute steal and I would recommend using this app for travel it gives you a lot of options to choose from and makes your trip slightly spontaneous.  Let’s be real who doesn’t love an adventure.  Okay..okay if you were to ask me that last year I would not have agreed, but after doing it, I recommend trying this out at least for a night on your next vacation.   We picked our hotel, which is called Yotel. It was tiny, but it hit all the important factors.  It was clean, perfect location right in Midtown and had a bar and restaurant.

Once we were all checked in, we had a reservation at the Skylark for cocktails and bites.  Once we made ourselves up, we headed to grab our uber and made our way to the bar.  After walking into the lobby and being ushered up to the 30th floor with our couch and table, I was not only impressed with the view but also with the service.
I would recommend this lounge to every one of my friends going to New York City.  The view alone was outstanding and took my breath away.

It had views, amazing cocktails, and great service.  Sam, who is trying to be a bourbon drinker, got the bourbon specialty drink, and I got the tequila one, and I have to say they make drinks stronger in the states for sure! We shared some guac and some sweet potato fries before heading up to the rooftop patio to take some great scenic pictures.  I must say just the view alone is worth the cost of drinks!  Breathtaking, to say the least.

Friday, December 1st

After sleeping in and partially recovering from our crazy night on Thursday, Sam and I slowly woke up and got ready for our official full day in the city.  Today we were conquering Central Park (which will be in my second part of my NYC post).  Because we were both slightly hungover, we needed coffee asap and since we were on vacation lets add in a buttery croissant.  We walked around the corner from our hotel and found a cafe called Kava, where we stopped for coffee and a light breakfast before heading to Central Park.  My almond croissant was butter, warm, and it melted in my mouth.  The perfect start to our day.

We headed to Central Park stomachs full and caffeinated and ready to conquer the hours of walking that was waiting for us.  We walked and walked and decided that we both needed a mid-afternoon wine pick me up.  We walked past the met and found a cute little bar called Grazies.  I got my mid-afternoon to pick me up with a nice glass of prosecco.   Sam stuck to her usual red wine, and we left feeling slightly buzzed but ready to head to our next stop the How I met your Mother Bar. (Sam’s fave part of this trip).

Next Stop! McGee’s Pub, if you are HIMYM fan, you will know that this is the bar that the show as based on.  The creators used to drink here, and that is where they came up with the concept.  Sam is a huge fan, so she had to stop in. We grabbed a drink and some nachos and then made our way to our final destination Union Hall for dinner.  

After finishing up, we grabbed a cab to head to the flat Iron district to grab dinner at Union Hall.  We had worked up quite an appetite, so we were ready to sample apps.  We decided on meatball sliders and truffle fries, with a pina colada martini.  The sliders were delicious, and how can you go wrong with truffle fries… That’s not actually a question because you can’t! I have to say I love a good slider, add meatballs, and you’ve stolen my heart.  The atmosphere is cool because they have two different areas.  On one side they have more fine dining, and when you go to the other, it reminded me more of a sports bar with an edge.  It was busy, and I would definitely recommend making a reservation if you want to check this out for your next NYC trip.  Like I mentioned before I am pretty sure they make the drinks stronger over in the states… Maybe that is why drinks are more expensive versus Toronto.  I did like our martini it made me feel as though I should be on the beach enjoying some sun!

Once we left Union Hall, we stopped at Maison Kayser for dessert.  Vacation right? Which means eat everything in sight until you can’t eat anymore. Oh, you don’t do that? Okay, it’s just me! I had to try a tart and a pistachio cookie… The cookie was one of the best I have ever had no joke!

Saturday, December 2nd

We went to bed early on Friday night due to a long day and wanting to recreate our early morning on Saturday.  Today was dedicated to the West Village and SoHo.  We stopped for a to go coffee at Kava and headed to SoHo. As two people who have never been to NYC, we instructed the uber driver just to drop us off anywhere, and we would find somewhere for brunch.  We were in New York we had to go, right?  We found a little place called Miss Paradis and decided let’s just try it out.  We split an omelet and mimosas, which were delicious.  The atmosphere was really nice too, and I would go back for the omelet alone mainly because it was stuffed with goat cheese and for real how can you go wrong?!

Next up was to walk around West Village until we couldn’t feel our feet anymore.  I wanted to go to a cookie dough store but after getting to it and seeing the line was around the block Sam and I opted for beers at a local pub.  For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of it, but it was pretty standard English Pub.  Good beer and lots of people enjoying mid-afternoon drinks!  Once we were done, we decided to keep walking and hoping we could find the Carrie Bradshaw apartment.  Instead, we found rose…  We sat down at an outside patio because it was as we girls say “totally instagramable” the restaurant is called Seabird, and if you are in the area I HIGHLY suggest going.  Not only was everyone so friendly, but the owner made us feel at home.  We sat for over an hour chatting with the bartender, and the owner and I can say it was one of my favorite places we went to on the whole trip.  If anyone from the restaurant reads this, I want to personally say thank you.  We left and couldn’t stop talking about hospitality and how much we wanted to return one day.

The atmosphere is so peaceful and quaint.  I can’t wait to come back and say hi to everyone!  Please if you are in the area go check them out! *best part this restaurant was not one that I collaborated with, but it definitely was one that left an impression!

Once we left here, it was dark, and we had to make our way to Kinky Boots, so we only had time to grab a quick slice of pizza in time square.  Let’s just say the slice I got was bigger than my head.

It was delicious, and since we had had a few drinks, I didn’t write down the name of the restaurant, but you can find great pizza all around NYC.

We ate and got our asses to Kinky Boots before heading to the airport to end our vacation and head back to Toronto.  Alright, guys, that ends all the restaurants and accommodations we used and visited when we went out to trip.  I hope this helps you when you are planning any of your future NYC trips.  Stay tuned for my NYC Activity posts coming soon!

xo CL

September 22nd, 2017

Prince Edward County Wine Tour

I am beyond excited to kick off my new section to my blog! For those that have been following me for years or just know me personally know, I am a traveler and an adventurer! One of my biggest passions is travel, experiencing new places, trying amazing food, and meeting new people. We also know that most people can’t afford to fly across the world once a month so I decided to find a way to give you guys travel inspiration that can be for a short weekend getaway or long 2-week vacation and everything in between. I want to showcase all my travels using my vlogs and my blog so you guys can get up and exploring all the wonders of this world.

My first destination and activity was a wine tour in Prince Edward County. Most people in my area travel to Niagara on the Lake due to its beauty and amazing wine, but the hidden gem which is starting to gain more popularity is Prince Edward County. Not only is it gorgeous, but it also has copious amounts of wineries, bars, and cider breweries. I just want to state though as a rookie who has never been to a wine tour the one thing I learned the hard way is to pace yourself. For the love of god pace yourself or you’ll end up with a two-day hangover (apparently that happens after you turn 25) and some downright embarrassing stories. Now that I stated that let’s get into where we went what we ate and where we stayed!

Where we stayed – Brumasole Farm. 

We were lucky enough that Sams parents rented an Air Bnb which was by far the cutest farmhouse I have ever stayed in. It was massive and slept ten even though it was just for the 5 of us. I would definitely recommend checking it out. It was on a huge amount of property and let me tell you the number of photo opportunities was endless! Sam picked me up on Saturday morning and, we headed off to a day filled with beautiful views and bottomless wine glasses (now something I regret). We got to the house and Kris, and Rich (sams parents) had cheese and crackers and dips all waiting for us. Once we were through checking out the property, we head off to our first winery.

Stop Number 1 – Lighthall Winery 
Our first stop was Lighthall a smaller winery which has been doing well as when we got there; they only had prosecco left to taste. I love prosecco, and this one was definitely a hit with the rest of the crew. We chatted and tried their homemade cheese, a gouda, and feta which is made in house under the same roof as their cellar. If you want to get more information I’ve linked them above. If you are a fan of the bubbly, I would definitely check them out!

Stop 2 – Waupoos Winery 
This winery was stunning! A massive property that has everything you could want from wine to chocolate to a beautiful view of the lake! All the girls sampled one of the wines I did the Flirty White, which was sweet just the way I like it! For each of us to sample one it was 2 dollars, so it’s definitely worth checking out when you decide to make your tour list of places to stop. Once we were done sampling, we headed out the back to take a look at the grapes and to our surprise, they have lemon trees and pear trees among so many others which were beautiful! We kept walking, and I have to say if you are looking to get married in the future, this place is stunning. Once you hit the water, you realize why the view is out of this world. Such a stunning stop, I could have sat at the lake all day not to mention it was incredibly hot out, so the breeze coming off the lake was beautiful! We stayed for 10 minutes or so and headed back up to take off and go to our next stop.

Stop 3- County Cider Company 
Can you guys tell yet how I became so hungover? We switched it up a bit and decided to try out some of their ciders. (also friends mixing is never a good idea)! This place was insanely busy so instead of sampling we just each bought four ciders to try. I got the feral, blood orange, pear, and peach. We each opened one and tried I have to say peach was by far my favorite. It was sweet and refreshing. Although I am not the biggest fan of cider, so I was excited to get on to our next destination and keep on sipping the white wine. Dangerous… haha

Stop 4- Devils Wishbone 
I think this was my favorite stop on our county tour! It was stunning and had a perfect view. They have a killer Riesling that we all shared as we sat and watched the sun from these comfy Adirondack chairs. I would highly recommend this as a must stop for anyone doing a tour around the area. I could have sat out there for the rest of the day.

Stop 5 – Parsons Brewing Company
Finally somewhere with food! Needed something after everything we had drunk. We got some tacos (amazing) guac and went to town. Oh and course a flight of beer, once again mixing… Not going to lie, I did not like the flight. I am not a huge beer drinker anyway so I should have known that when I ordered it but hey I wasn’t in my right mind by that point! Although I didn’t like them, I still drank them to at least try all of them. Once we were finished with that, we ordered a glass of the Lighthall prosecco that we had tried earlier on in the day. Sam and I got some cute pictures outside to add to this blog post, and we headed off. Poor Rich, at this point, was sober driving us around and let’s just say we definitely weren’t.

Stop 6- Karlo Estates
One of our last stops was Karlo Estates. It had a bridge that seriously you guys reminded me being on the TV show Outlander! It was so cool and of course a great photo opportunity for all of us. The wine was amazing, and they paired everyone with a specific food, which I thought was cool.  My white wine was paired with almonds, although I am not one to know the difference of wine pairing and how it can change the taste of food, it was cool to try it out. By this point, the day was a bit blurry… I may have had one too many, but all in all, it was one of the most fun days I’ve had in a while.  I just want to thank Rich and Kris for bringing me along and treating me like family.  I had an amazing day with some pretty amazing people, and I would do it again in a heartbeat… Just next time maybe ill eat more!

Stay tuned for my next getaway and keep your eyes peeled for my vlog of our day!

xo CLPink Lipstick