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Toronto Business Babes Retreat with Host Kat Gaskin Review

Where do I start? I can’t quite think of just one word to describe my recent experience at the Toronto Business Babes Prince Edward County retreat. A few that come to mind are grateful, blessed, inspired, and damn right motivated. 

Let us take it back a bit so you can understand why I felt I needed to attend this retreat. I started my blog, Instagram account back in 2016-early 2017 with a focus on makeup, fashion, and travel. I realized fast that to gain exposure, you had to follow to follow, and that helped build up an audience. What I thought was helping my brand was actually harming it. I didn’t work hard to create an engaged community, and that hindered my success and in turn, my engagement. I started working for a well-known company where what I blogged about had a conflict of interest, so I steered clear until I eventually fell off of the map entirely. I realized over the past 1.5 years that my real passion was helping to make others understand that positive thinking can change your entire outlook on life. I decided it was time to get back to what I love most, blogging, and content creating. 

Since I hadn’t worked hard to build a community of engaged followers, I felt a sense of dread and knowing that my message wasn’t getting out to people. I decided enough was enough, and I had to invest in myself to learn how I could help build my business from the ground up. I found the Toronto Business Babes through a friend of mine and decided to see what the fuss was about. They were empowering women to embrace themselves and helping them understand their full potential as entrepreneurs. They were holding their first away retreat in Prince Edward County and I knew I needed to go. I saved up and bought a ticket, without realizing it would change my perspective and motivate me like no other. 

The retreat was held by the Toronto Business Babes but hosted by Kat Gaskin, the owner and CEO of the Content Planner. That alone terrified me because even though I don’t like to admit it, I am so unorganized it hurts. Content planners scare me shitless, and I couldn’t count the number of planners I have in my room untouched. Luckily for me, Kat made it easy to learn exactly the right approach you need to tackle a content planner. Especially one dedicated to content creation and social media strategy.

On top of that, how do you not listen to a woman whose presence alone screams BOSS LADY? She was blunt, to the point, and candid about her success, and I appreciate that. I felt empowered to be sitting in a room getting to know other entrepreneurs and learning from someone who has to be one of the hardest workers I have met. Kat had a vision; she worked hard and is still working hard for the life she wants. 

I walked away with a newfound attitude and an idea that my “half-assed, non-consistent” way of life was not going to create the dream life I wanted. I could not feel more motivated almost as if it was the first day all over again that I was creating my blog from nothing, growing my community, and the sense of passion was reignited from within me. I am ready to spread positivity like wildfire and create my dream life while making sure others realize they can too! 

A big thank you to Lauren from the Toronto Business Babes for making me feel so welcomed when I knew nobody. Thank you for Kat for taking the time to speak to me and the other woman like we had been friends forever and for sharing your tips. As others would be afraid to spill their resources, she candidly gave us all tips that can help take our businesses to the next level. Women supporting women is a feeling I will never forget, and I cannot wait to be back in a setting like that again. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

If you are interested in any upcoming events, you can check the Toronto Business Babes out here. 

Make sure to look at Kat’s Content Planner website, I swear she will convert you from lazy and disorganized to a planning perfectionist. In her words, Plan it, Post it, Profit. 


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