VoluDerm + Vampire Facial – My experience at Visage Clinic

I don’t know when it happened, but one day I turned 27, and I could have sworn yesterday I was 18.  Isn’t that how it happens, one day you are drinking into the night, staying up late and not washing your makeup off before bed and the next you need a perfect excuse to leave your bed and get out of your pajamas.  Well my friends that is no longer my life and this is the year I noticed the most significant difference in my skin, and here I was thinking “damn I am still young why do I have crow’s feet and bags the size of Texas?”  Unfortunately for me, those nights of not taking my makeup off and adequately washing my face have gradually caught up to me.  

I recently found Visage Clinic in Yorkville and not only do I feel pampered when I go I love finding out about new products to help my discoloration and what new technology is out there to help brighten up my complexion.  I recently booked myself a Voluderm facial at Visage Clinic with a PRP add on with Gabriela Madrid and let me tell you it was such an interesting experience.  If you haven’t heard of PRP, you most definitely would have heard of a vampire facial, where they take your blood and turn them into plasms that can be soaked back into the skin to help regenerate collagen and elasticity within the skin.  Amazing right?!A little background on my Voluderm facial as I was shocked with the outcome that I had to share it with you guys.  During the past few years, I’ve gradually noticed crow’s feet and fine lines starting to form near my eyes, and yes, that is just a part of life and aging.  I walked into this appointment with the hopes that it would brighten and plump my skin while helping to firm everything up and let me tell you that it most certainly did.  One of the things I didn’t realize was that you can use the machine on your lips to help plump them up, another alternative to fillers. It obviously doesn’t last as long fillers do but the fact that it can help boost them was enough for me to be on board! 

What VoluDerm helps with;

•    Fine lines and wrinkles

•    Laxity and volume loss, especially related to aging

•    Acne Scars

•    Uneven or rough skin texture

The machine that they use creates a comfortable treatment that wasn’t painful at all.  The facial helps to stimulate the natural wound healing process, which in turn creates hyaluronic acid, new collagen and creates a tighter appearance with elastin.  The whole treatment gave my skin plumpness I didn’t know it needed as well as helped to decrease my growing crow’s feet and the best part is that it was minimally invasive with a short downtime of not wearing any makeup for a few days.  That part is easy for me as I tend to keep it pretty simple day to day.  Once my facial was finished, Gabriela walked me through the PRP portion, which includes drawing blood from your arm.  

What PRP can help with;

•    Restoring volume lost during the aging process

•    Triggering the growth of new collagen and elastin

•    Repairing and regenerating damaged skin

•    Reducing the appearance of pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes

Once blood is drawn, it is taken back where it is separated, saving the golden plasma that contains proteins and platelets.  It is placed on my skin, which has gone through the VoluDerm facial, and it starts to stimulate local stem cell production, which in turn helps to create new collagen and elastin.  I’ve personally noticed improvements in the color and tone of my face as well as a lack of dryness. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to add a boost to their skin and who doesn’t want to get too invasive.  All in all, I was extremely pleased with the two procedures, and the best part is that they are recommended for all skin types.  The non-invasive element helped me get back to normal only 24 hours after, and it really had no downtime.  I still look in the mirror almost three weeks after and can’t believe that the lines next to my eyes have significantly decreased.   

Prices – VoluDerm Facial $600 (face only;  some clients add neck, décolleté, hands, etc.)

PRP Add-on $595

PS – I highly recommend making sure that you are using a combination of products that will help your skin keep the lasting effects.  I have been using Biologique Recherche toner and Placenta face cream (yes Placenta!) and have seen a noticeable difference in my skin.  Visage Clinic is one of the places that you can purchase their products in the city, and I would highly recommend discussing them with Gabriela when you book your appointment!  


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