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My experience at Visage Clinic. Is it possible to buy confidence?

*Please note: The red background picture is before and the other is a few hours after the appointment with no makeup on to show the real effects of the filler.

Confidence is something we all strive for. Whether it is confidence in your job, in your relationship or just plainly in the way a great pair of jeans look on you.  Confidence can be one of the most powerful things anyone can exude. The funny part is that even the most confident person can be working through their own internal battles.  

Personally, I have been working towards being my best self for quite some time and with that comes a new sense of confidence and pride that I didn’t even realize I could get. One of the things that I have been struggling with for as long as I can remember is the massive bags under my eyes.  It didn’t matter what concealer I used or frankly, how much I always looked exhausted. I was even asked by an old boss if I was “a party girl.”  A funny statement since I was in bed every night by 10 cuddling with my dog and the most “partying” I did, was having a few drinks on the weekend.  That in itself is an entirely different blog post.  I still remember sitting across from him in complete shock.  I headed home and spent too much time looking at myself in the mirror tearing myself apart over how tired I looked.  I knew I wanted to try and find a solution to help me.

The stigma around plastic surgery, be it invasive or non-invasive is such a crazy thing to me.  We live in a society where most people know someone who has had some sort of work done yet, we don’t talk about it?  When I started my blog, I wanted to be as open and blunt as possible about all different types of topics, and today my subject is fillers.  I started doing my research about a year ago trying to find the right place for me.  It is frightening to think that someone is going to inject a solution into your face; let alone around your eyes, which for me is a sensitive area.  I knew I had to trust the person who was going to do the procedure and feel as comfortable as possible.  I had been doing so much research on prices and reading reviews when I was put in touch with Visage Clinic.

I started doing my homework on Dr. Marc DuPéré, who is the owner of Visage Clinic.  I was thoroughly impressed with his resume, and the most exciting thing I learned was that he uses an innovative technique called the “Cannula technique”.  When I first heard about it, I was intrigued as it was the first time the word “cannula” even crossed my eyes when I was reading up on fillers. 

I’ll get into that, later on, let’s get to the fun stuff!  I finally decided to book my consultation and was beyond excited for the possibility of fixing the dark circles under my eyes that have bothered me for as long as I can remember.  Like most 26-year-olds I brought my mother for moral support and of course so she could take some photos and help me document the process. 

I met for my consult and decided to go through with the fillers after having a lovely chat with Dr.DuPéré.  He explained to me the issues I have with my deep tear troughs and how he can help me achieve my desired look.  I think the main reason I felt so comfortable was the fact that I didn’t feel pressured to get anything done.  He suggested what he thought was the best plan for my face and said it’s all about what I am comfortable with.  That is why I decided to go with two syringes instead of the three that he suggested.  I was never made to feel like I needed anything else done such as Botox, or other fillers, which is what I have heard from different people’s experiences with other clinics.

I was given a topical anesthetic cream before Dr. DuPéré proceeded to create a nick with a needle which then led to the cannula (a small hallowed tube) with the filler attached to the end being inserted into three distinct areas on my face.  Due to the dullness of the cannula, it created barely any discomfort.  Trust me when I say my pain tolerance is low, I won’t even squeeze pimples because they cause me too much pain.

On top of that, not only is the skin under my eyes thin but also has lots of blood vessels that could be punctured during the process.  The cannula technique helps with keeping bruising minimal and makes the entire process safer.  Due to these reasons, I felt comfortable and ready to make my change.  

Immediately after the filler was injected, I noticed a difference.  To be honest, I was in awe about how quickly I saw the change under my eyes.  I watched as the purple color significantly decrease, and the skin started to look plump with every second that passed after the injection.

A few hours after the injections

Dr. DuPéré was candid with the differences between the amount of filler I go with and his experiences with people like me who have deep troughs.  Due to the price I wanted to keep it conservative as it can be an expensive experience especially for someone like me who needs more than one syringe.

A month after the injections with a full face of makeup and my confidence through the roof!

Now let’s move onto the price, something you are all probably wondering about.  It is important to remember that you can find lots of places that will sell you on cheap syringes, but please make sure you know what you are injecting and that it is in a safe and clean environment.  Visage Clinic charges $900 per syringe, but after three they cost $775 each. These fillers will last me 9 months to a year and to be honest, the confidence it has given me is well worth the price.  The length of time they also last vary on each person.  I look at myself in the mirror and love what I see looking back at me.  I look well rested and ready to take on the day instead of exhausted and like I’ve stayed out all night.  I want to thank Visage Clinic for the fantastic experience, and I can’t wait to come back.    

I highly suggest going and making a consult as you won’t be disappointed. If you would like more information about the Cannula technique, you can click here.  You can also check out their website by clicking here. 


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