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quick af morning makeup routine

As someone who wakes up every day and decides on the fly if I could sleep for an extra 20 min if it’s worth skipping my makeup that day. If I do wake up and decide yes, today is that day where I don’t care about my appearance and I want an extra bit of sleep I need to have my 5 go to items ready for when I oversleep after hitting the snooze button 5 too many times. That is how this post came to be… I wanted to let you guys into the secret that is the 10 min wake up and go look. Yes it has taken practice to do it lots of sleeping in, and debating to myself if I should call in sick today. I am telling you… Grueling process to find these products out haha! I am going to start from the basics of what I do after I’ve realized I am going to be late and need to get myself ready in the shortest amount of time possible.

1) Dark under eye cover up (NYX)
For real how on earth can you go wrong for a product that can save you from looking like the crypt keeper to looking alive and ready to conquer the day! I was recently introduced to this product and have been so happy with the benefits of it. It truly helps to brighten my eyes and takes 2 seconds to dab on under my eyes. I dip my finger into the product and dab it under my eye until I find that all my bags are covered up. The orange hue is perfect to hide the darkness that for some people never goes away… I am one of those people, it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get I always have bags. If anyone has any tips on how to fix that problem without covering up please let me know! The product is lightweight which is really nice especially if you are one that doesn’t want their makeup to feel heavy. The thing I love about this is that you don’t have to put foundation on after if you don’t want to. I just rub it in until I’m happy and its blended then I decide if it’s going to be a foundation day.

2) Concealer (NYX)
Once I am finished with my under eye darkness corrector I need to brighten my face up. On this day I decided not to put foundation on so I just want to add a bit of brightness under my eyes. I just started using the NYX concealer and I love it. I think I had been using the wrong shade before I started with this one because damn it really does give me that extra lift I need in the early mornings before work. It adds a pop that I need to make me look alert and awake. I would highly recommend trying this one. It is affordable and also lightweight making it easy to apply and stays on for a good portion of the day.

3) Bronzer (Nars) Shade
This one is definitely on the pricier side. I do have to say though, I have had it for 2 years now and there is still so much left. It really does last a long time and its worth investing in it. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge you can find so many amazing drugstore bronzers for way less. I just really love this one and am a huge fan of the color it gives me. Of course any face needs a little bronzer and this is the fast notes version of contouring when you have zero time. I take my angled bronzer brush dip it in and make a line around my cheekbones almost where my ear is. Then I blend until I am happy with the outcome. It really doesn’t take long and it helps give your face a glowy look that can make you go from drab to ready to take on the world in a total of 45 seconds.

4) Tarte palettes–Amazonian Palette
The next step in my quick AF morning routine is my eyes. You have to have something on your lids to make you look alive! Some ladies hate wearing eyeshadow but I think a little can’t hurt and it takes no time at all to blend two shades to give yourself a little something extra for your work day. I have been using this palette for a while and have to say not only do the shades smell amazing (kinda weird reason to like something … I know) it blends so well! Most of the colors are matte which I love, maybe 3 that are shimmery for your nights out. During the work day though I stick to matte shades and I tend to pick always the same two. I start with this light pink that I put all on my lids and then blend a darker brown/pink color in my crease until it’s just enough that it gives me eyes definition but doesn’t make me look like I’m going to down 4 tequila shots at the bar. It is a purchase that stings but this will last you for so long that it makes it beyond worth it. Unlike the bronzer which is only one color this palettes gives you 10-12 shades that I guarantee you will use.

5) Mascara STILA Huge Extreme Lash Mascara
Lastly everyone needs a good mascara! I had been using benefits they’re real for the longest time! And don’t get me wrong I still love it but I have to say I may have found myself a new love. The Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It gives me volume but also manages to give me length which is so hard with my lashes. It stands between the pricy items but is also affordable if you are used to spending 20+ on mascara. I definitely would say to try it out because its worth the money and it will finish your look and make you ready to take on the day.

Lastly I picked out a cheap lip gloss from NYX that I really love for work.  It gives you a nice finish but to be honest lips are different to everyone.  Some people love gloss some people love matte.  This one is solely based on you.  Let me know your faves below!

VOILA guys! That wraps up my quick AF makeup routine for those mornings where all you want to do is sulk and stay in bed! I hope you enjoyed, and I will see you in my next post!
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