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Lipsticks.. How do you choose just one?


Well well well… that my friends is the question.. How do you choose just one lipstick colour that overtime you wear it makes you feel like you can conquer anything and everything that life can throw your way?  Would you believe me if I told you I found mine? I have a variety from drugstore to Sephora finds. I love trying new companies because you can find the perfect formula for your lips. I love a good matte lip (lets get real who doesn’t?) but recently I have also been loving a little bit of gloss. A nice alternative when you don’t want that drying feeling that some matte lipsticks can give you!

With that being said Lovespell from Tarte has to be by far my all time fave shade and formula.  It goes on like butter.. Seriously like butter and everytime I wear it I feel like I look like a badass bitch.  Yes I did just say that… It has this amazing ability to make my lips look bigger than they are.  I was cursed with a small upper lip and I’m too much of a wimp to get lip injections even though I totally would, so when I find a lipstick that can make my lips look bigger I’m all over it.  This one retails for $24 bucks and I think thats reasonable especially if you are a fan of the brand you won’t mind spending a bit more.  Or at least I don’t. I really do love Tarte and no this post is not sponsored in any way by them. I own a bunch of palettes from eye to blush to eyeliner.  They are quality products and worth the money to know what you are putting on your face.  Let me know what your fave lipstick shade and brand is! Also I dare you to try the Tarteist™ Creamy Matte Lip Paint because its worth it. Last time I checked Sephora was giving away two shades for their birthday gift.  For those who don’t know, if you are a beauty insider and you go into Sephora the month of your birthday you will get to choose a gift and I chose the Tarte lip paint samples.  WORTH IT!

I would love to find other great products to blog about so let me know if the comments below if you like this shade or not and which are your faves!

xo CL Pink Lipstick


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